Flower Ball

Niels fechtel beauty notsocloseup littlebitlessbright
Niels fechtel beauty closeup
Niels fechtel uvs

The UV-layout, done by Maya-UV->Automatic for the whole model. I was lazy and also didn't think of UVing before duplicating and arranging the flowers. I learn every time.

At least that's what I like to think

Niels fechtel materials in substance smallbreakdown

Rose Ball ~

Niels fechtel materials in substance detailedbreakdown
Niels fechtel roseball reference

One of the reference-photos. While I didn't quite get all the details and intricacies, I am pleased with the overall outcome.

This is a model of a real object I did for practice. First time using Substance Painter and also my actually only second finished project since the Lighter. Has 3500k Polys.
Modeled in Maya, zremeshed, edited and decimated in ZBrush, then exported out of Maya again. Imported into Substance, where I baked stuff and did the material(s). Didn't really know what I was doing, is what it felt like, but I'm rather pleased with the result :)
Beauty renders are from iray inside SP.

Edit: I didn't smooth the normals of the low-poly before baking the normal map, which I probably should have done; only afterwards I saw that in a tutorial and then I was too lazy to do it and re-render, so you might see some faceting.

August 20, 2017