Lighter - realism challenge

Niels fechtel finalrender closeup

Final render of the lighter.

Niels fechtel 16 final hellerhintergrund logo output

Final render of the lighter, with a light background for the shadow, and a watermark-thingy I thought of.

Niels fechtel 1 reference

reference photo

Niels fechtel first render

The very first render-image, after doing some basic textures in MARI and with a plain metallic material.

Niels fechtel finalrender photo

The final render, somewhat composited into a reference-picture (the right one is the CG one).

Niels fechtel 9 1 wireframe1
Niels fechtel 9 1 wireframe5
Niels fechtel 9 1 wireframe4
Niels fechtel shadingnetwork zoomedout

The shading-network, zoomed all the way out. Consists mainly of file-nodes, noises and fractals and layer-nodes to put it all together.

Niels fechtel specularroughness mainparts 1

Part of what makes up the final roughness-map.

Niels fechtel final specularroughness map

The final roughness-channel the metallic material uses.

Niels fechtel mari screenshot 2

The lighters UVs.

Niels fechtel mari screenshot 1

Channels in MARI, here showing the displacement-map.

- Goal: to model, texture and render a lighter, with a photo-realistic final image
- Reference: my own lighter and photos
- Challenges faced: Modelling a complex object, texturing it using MARI, using displacement-maps and creating a shading network in general
- More Details (G-Drive folder):
- I never before used either displacement-maps nor created a shading network (with lots of noise and fractal nodes, for the scratches, etc), so I had a hard time figuring that out, especially playing around with the roughness-map to get it to look 'real'
- a rather important lesson learned: always give the areas that need detail enough space in the UV-layout. If you zoom in into the final render, you can make out the individual pixels of the lines that make up the ace-logo in the displacement-map.

All in all I am happy with the results; not nearly convincing as in photo-realistic, but good enough, and the project provided me with lots of opportunities for learning.

March 13, 2017