Moldy chair

Niels fechtel iray render new

Render in Painter, using Iray

Niels fechtel marmoset render

Trying a render in Marmoset Toolbag

Niels fechtel painter layers

Screenshot out of Painter. Everythin but the very-base-wood was manually added

Niels fechtel rizomuv layout

Screenshot from RizomUV

Niels fechtel reference


Chair with mold

Same chair without mold

Texturing project at school; the assignment was to unwrap and texture a provided chair.
Since I'm learning RizomUV at the moment, I used it to unwrap the model, and rendered in Marmoset, which I'm also learning via the trial-version.

Please overlook my arbitrary use of mold vs. mildew, I still don't understand how they are different :D

Comments and critique are very welcome! Those help me a lot with getting better at texturing.

June 16, 2018