Onsen floor Substance material

Niels fechtel splayer parameter screenshot

the material in Substance Player, showing the available parameters; mainly adjusting the wet spots and the base-stone-pattern

Niels fechtel map comparison


Niels fechtel realtimeboard screenshot png

mood- / reference-board

Niels fechtel render maya arnold

render in Maya & Arnold

Niels fechtel render painter iray 4000samples

render via IRay in Painter

Niels fechtel substance designer graph screenshot lowres normalscreenshot

Screenshot of the material-graph

Tried myself at a cool floor I had seen in an image of an Onsen. My first real Substance-material I made, besides following tutorials and breakdowns.
Please feel free to comment and critique on this! I welcome any kind of ideas or suggestions, or mention of something that doesn't work. Trying to learn the principles of a good substance :)
I couldn't get it to match the main-reference completely; especially the actual wet areas don't really match, so there's lot's of room for improvement.

May 13, 2018